Genesis SEM

Compact Conventional SEM

The Genesis Scanning Electron Microscope Series products are divided into the small-sized 1000 model and the medium-sized 2000 model. This SEM is widely used in the sale of materials such as metals, ceramics, new materials, and polymer composites.  The Genesis’ utilization is increasing due to the advancement and refinement of technology.

Feature Highlights

Easy to Use SEM Controls

Fully automatic movement of 5 stages and easy positioning with CCD camera.

Large Chamber Area

Chamber size expansion allows for sample loading, with anti-collision technology to protect your sample.

No Utilities Required

We have eliminated unnecessary utility facilities. All functions are mounted inside the wheel. Free movement is possible.

Affordable Cost

Significant price competitiveness compared to foreign-owned scanning electron microscopes.

sem Specifications

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Model Genesis SEM

Genesis-1000Genesis-1100 : 5-axis Manual
                                                             – X : 40mm (-20mm ~ 20mm)
                                                             – Y : 40mm (-20mm ~ 20mm)
                                                             – Z : 5 ~ 45mm
                                                             – T : -20° ~ 90°
                                                             – R : 360°
Genesis-2020Genesis-2120 : 5-axis Motorized
                                                             – X : 90mm (-45mm ~ 45mm)
                                                             – Y : 60mm (-30mm ~ 30mm)
                                                             – Z : 5 ~ 60mm
                                                             – T : -20° ~ 90°
                                                             – R:360°

Variable Pressure

Genesis-1000 : X
Genesis-1100 : O
Genesis-2020 : X
Genesis-2120 :

Vacuum Mode

Genesis-1000 : High Vacuum only (<9×10-3Pa)
Genesis-1100 : High Vacuum Mode (<9×10-3Pa)
                             Low Vacuum Mode (10~230Pa)
Genesis-2020 : High Vacuum only (<9×10-3Pa)
Genesis-2120 :
High Vacuum Mode (<9×10-3Pa)
                              Low Vacuum Mode (10~230Pa)

Vacuum System

Fully Automated Evacuation System
– Turbo molecular pump(Vacuum ready within 3 minutes)
– Rotary vane pump
– Electrical valve system

Electron Gun

Pre-centered Tungsten Filament


Genesis-1000 : SE Detector (ET-type)
Genesis-1100 : SE Detector (ET-type)
                             BSE Detector (4Channel, Semiconductor)
Genesis-2020 : SE Detector (ET-type)
Genesis-2120 :
SE Detector (ET-type)
                             BSE Detector (4Channel, Semiconductor)


Genesis-1000 : 3.0nm (SE Image)
Genesis-1100 : 3.0nm (SE Image)
                             5.0nm (BSE Image)
Genesis-2020 : 3.0nm (SE Image)
Genesis-2120 :
3.0nm (SE Image)
                             5.0nm (BSE Image)


x10 ~ x300,000

Acceleration Voltage

200V ~ 30kV

Objective IRIS

20 / 20 / 50 / 100μm (Variable aperture)

Image Shift


Maximum Sample Size

Genesis-1000Genesis-1100 : Horizontal : 96mm
                                                              Vertical : 50mm
Genesis-2020Genesis-2120 : Horizontal : 150mm
                                                              Vertical : 60mm

Advanced Scan Mode

Dynamic FocusPoint & Line Scan, Tilt Compensation

Working Distance

Genesis-1000Genesis-1100 : 0 ~ 45mm
Genesis-2020Genesis-2120 : 0 ~ 60mm

Automatic Function

Auto Brightness & ContrastAuto FocusAuto Gun AlignmentAuto SaturationAuto FilamentBias

Image Format


Display Mode

Focus Mode : 320 × 240 pixel, Resizable
Preview Mode : 800 × 600
Slow Mode : Applicable to both preview and focus mode
Photo Mode : Up to 3200 × 2400


Installation Dimension : 1800 (W) x 600 (D)
– Main System : 600 (W) x 623 (D) x 1350 (H), 130Kg
– Rotary Pump : 454 (W) x 134 (D) x121 (H), 22Kg

Supplied Accessories

Factory-centered Filament Cartridge 1box(10units)Specimen Mounts 1box(10units), Tweezer Carbon TapeHex. Driver 0.89mm (1 ea.)Hex. T Wrench 2.5mm (2 ea.)

Operation Device(PC)

Windows10 -based All-in-One 21.5” Workstation100% controlled by keyboard and mouse

Optional Devices

EBSD(Electron Back Scattered Diffraction) EDS(Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) WDS(Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy)CL(Cathodoluminescent) ImageChamber CameraLaB6 / CeB6 Upgrade 3D Imaging Raman SpectroscopyE-beam Lithography

Power Supply

Single Phase : 100 ~ 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz, 1kVA